Dates for 2024 cabin bookings can be found on our website.  These start in May with 10 days exploring Knidos and the Hisaranu gulf.  2 other dates in late September and October will follow.  All gulet holidays for cabin bookings are on board the luxury Cevri Hasan V.  We can promise you almost entirely deserted bays and creeks all the way along the stunning coastline.  Itineraries are mostly exploring the Gokova and Hisaranu gulfs starting and finishing at Bodrum, but this September we are adding the Dodecanese islands Kos, Tilos and Symi.


2024 summer holidays may seem a long way off but some of our regular clients are already booking ahead to ensure they get the gulet for the dates they want.

After the 2023 heatwave, many people are rethinking when to take the family away, which leaves the Spring late May dates the only option when children are included.  If you are looking to get away early in the summer contact us now to check availability,  We have also planned an early 10 day gulet holiday for cabin bookings, 21-31 May starting at Bodrum.

DayDreams now has in excess of 35 gulets to choose from, across 3 categories – standard, luxury and deluxe.  With a busy summer behind us it is more important than ever for us to offer a wide variety of boats to choose from.  Smaller gulets have been added with 2, 3 and 4 cabins, making it easier for a family or small group of friends to take advantage of this wonderful style of holiday.  Sailing on one of our beautiful gulets in 2024 will hopefully restore our spirits as the Turkish Aegean washes away the trials and tribulations of the recent heatwave and distant memories of the pandemic.

The extensive Turkish coastline between Bodrum, Fethiye and Finike provides numerous opportunities to explore archaeological sites, remote villages and places of interest along each route.  You can also explore some of the Dodecanese islands starting and finishing at Bodrum, using Kos and several other Greek ports to deal with formalities.  For more details of all the options contact [email protected] (more…)

Summer days on the Turkish Aegean are now with us and our Gulet Holidays are well under way.  Whatever the size of your party we will have something for you.  Just provide us with your dates and numbers and we will advise you on the most appropriate gulet.   Repeat clients can expect some form of discount if repeating with the same boat.  Click here for boat specifications:  Gulet Charters

Most of our gulets are cruising or sailing in the Gokova and Hisaranu gulfs and some itineraries will get down to Gocek and Fethiye.

For information on the various itineraries click here.

“This guest book sometimes isn’t kind, when looking at old photos, but it is kind with the memories of Turkey.  Without DayDreams and Jenny’s knowledge of the history, we would know nothing of Turkey and her people (who are very welcoming).  Age has the benefit of taking the edges off bad memories sometimes and stacking up the good memories.  It must be the influence of the Cevri Hasan III (thanks to Captain Mustafa and your various crews).  The food this time has been excellent (it has often been very good).  A chapter closes as Captain Mustafa and his boat retire and that must be sad for everyone but just remember how much pleasure has been created over the years”.  Terry & Glennys Bradley

“A first holiday on a gulet.  Fantastic ! Great new friends and much laughter. We were properly looked after by the crew and Jenny’s knowledge , history and especially the archaeology really made the holiday.  Thank you”.  David and Wendy Gliddon from Somerset



DayDreams Travel offers gulet holidays, both private charters and cabins only, on a diverse range of gulets from low budget to luxury and superior deluxe gulets, with numerous flexible itineraries along the Turkish coastline and Greek Dodecanese islands.

DayDreams Travel was founded by Jenny Day in 1987 following a corporate weekend to Istanbul for 100 clients from her London based PR consultancy. Using her expert organisational skills she went on to organise several  gulet charters. They were so successful the word spread and her dream of offering a special style of holiday to a wider audience become a reality.



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